Our Story

Plenary Project Solutions Limited (PPSL) was formed in 2007 in the UK and has successfully developed a client base in our market niche.
Its sister company Plenary Project Solutions (Singapore) Limited (PPSSL) was launched in June 2010.
Plenary Project Solutions provides Oil & Gas Project Solutions for Floating and Fixed leg facilities, which are bespoke systems or project teams to manage customer expectations and delivery promises.
We cover project execution phases for the Asia and Australian Marketplace, providing a company link from Europe & the Americas that are managed by the UK Company.

  • Our Primary role is for the Operator of the asset, delivering the asset to the requirements of the Operator
  • Our Secondary role is for the Designer of the asset, to cover the delivery of the design to the execution phase
  • Our Third role is to cover the execution of the design through the Construction & Commissionig phases